"The ground on which you stand is sacred ground.
It is the blood of our ancestors."

There is no such thing as 'part-Cherokee.'
Either you're Cherokee or you're not.
It isn't the quantity of Cherokee blood
in your veins that is important,
but the quality of it . . . your pride in it.
I have seen full-bloods
who have virtually no idea of
the great legacy entrusted to their care.
Yet, I have seen people
ith as little as 1/500th blood
who inspire the spirits of their ancestors
because they make being Cherokee
a proud part of a their everyday life."
~Jim Pell: Principal Chief
of the North Alabama Cherokee Tribe ~

everything on the earth has a purpose,
every disease an herb to cure it,
and every person a mission.
This is the Indian theory of existence.
~ Mourning Dove (Salish) 1888-1936

Voice of thunder
Speaks from the dark clouds
Voice below
Speaks from the green plants
So the earth may be beautiful!

Winters Child

Trail Of Tears